6C33C SE DualMono

  6C33C Triode Dual Mono Single Ended Röhrenverstärke


New Toy for AudioPhiles! 

Tube Power Amplifier


(class A), 2x15 watts power!

THE 6C33C IS ONE OF THE Strongest TRIODE TUBE in the world 

made for a 5000 hours lifetime in the Soviet ages for 

the Soviet MIG 25 jet Fighter for a serious military using, 

So the 6C33C is a very robust build tube, reason of the military aircraft using, 


Frequency response: 16Hz-36.500Hz -2dB/3W 

Ubrumm:1,1mV TDH:0.035%/1khz/3W

OutPut Power:2x20 Watts

the Power transf. 550watts Input terminal: 2x RCA 

Output (speaker) banana 

*Special 550 watts ! HQ. C core output transformers, (22x OVERSIZED)*

Nos VAC Old german C core iron years 1970’ 

*Interstage transformer instead of coupling capacitor*

*E83F+6463 driver Tubes *

*4x6H13C rectifier tube **filtering with Choke transformers,*

*no NOISE no HUMM, 100% QUIET fully filtered!*

Mr Art Dudley wrote 

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