OS-51 / PE1/100 PushPull 2x120Watts a Real Powerstation


a TUBE POWER MACHINE  A 2x120 watts power! for electrostatic/magnetostatic and low sens. speaker

made by TUNGSRAM (10.000 hours lifetime), and was used in a MILITARY units 

I prefer the OLD tubes, Huge Output transformers, & tube rectifiering

The tubeguru.eu is building tube amplifiers go to google....

for Us very IMPORTANT IS the Non-Stop DEVELOPING, experience, 


it was a big challenge to build a 130 watts amp without HUM & Noise, and audiophile sound, not PA 

This AMAZING OS 51 / PE1/100 Push-Pull Tube Amplifier!

like a jewel! I can tell you,-very hard to build better:-)

it icompares the famous best amps!

Frequency response: 10Hz-100.000Hz -2dB/3W

Ubrumm:0,35mV TDH:0.05%/1khz/3W

OutPut Power:2 x 135 Watts the Power transf. 550watts  110 / 230 volt switchable 

Input terminal: XLR and RCA Output (speaker) banana  


*Special 550 watts ! HQ. C core output transformers, (XXL OVERSIZED)*

*PIO coupling capacitor*  *6L6G-6SN7-ECC88 Tubes *.

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