GM-70 PSE Triode Parallel SE

*GM-70 Parallel Single Ended monoblocks* 

2x45 watts power! *with InterStage Transformers*

*Adjustable BIAS for GM-70*

*ZERO Feedback* + *Adjustable feedback*

FULL TUBE rectifiering for the GM-70 & for the driver tubes


THE old soviet GM-70 IS ONE OF THE BEST TRIODE TUBE in the world 

for my ear the GM-70's sound gives more pleasure than 211 or 845 tubes 

the GM-70 is a direct heated triode very robust build tube, it has a graphite anode

made for a Long lifetime in the ColdWar ages for a extreme military using

IT IS NOT A Chinese GA*Rb*ge


I install only old soviet military tubes in this GM-70 Single Ended Tube Amplifier!

like a jewel! I can tell you,-very hard to build better:-)

it is a real "ONGAKU KILLER" for me the GM-70's sound is more lovely than 211 tubes

I built two Filter Choke, for fully filtering NO NOISE HUM NOTHING!.

…. I built a Double C.CORE OPT + HUGE filter Choke + Interstage

The sound is great with High Efficient Speakers & Electro-MagnetoStatic too..

Output Impedance: 4-16 OHM 

Frequency response: 18Hz-58000Hz -2dB/3W

Ubrumm:0,08mV TDH:0.077%/1khz/3W

OutPut Power:2x45 Watts the Power transf. 550watts 

Input terminal: XLR and RCA Output (speaker) banana


230VOLT & 110 volt switchable

*Special 550 watts ! HQ. C core output transformers, (12x OVERSIZED)*


*6463 driver Tubes * * rectifier tube +stabilizer tubes *

*PI filtering with 2x2 Choke transformers,*

*no NOISE no HUMM, fully filtered!* 

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